Google Classroom in Paradise: Join Us in Hawaii

July 1st in Honolulu Hawaii

Join Alice Keeler and Michael Fricano for a day of learning about Google Classroom and G Suite. The call for presenters is closed but we would love you to join us at the event.

Google Classroom

Hands down Google Classroom is the fastest way to get started with blended learning. Start by going to on your school account. Click on the plus icon in the upper right-hand corner to create a class. In the bottom right click the plus icon and type a task for your students to do. Distribute the class code to students and they are off and running doing digital work.

Interact Better

Don’t use Google Classroom to just dump all your stuff online. That is confusing to manage and does not improve student learning. Google Classroom allows for some really easy assignments that are truly transformational to allow you to interact better with your students and improve learning. Using Google Classroom is a shift in mindset to allow you to spend your time more productively to improve relationships with students, provide feedback faster and put students in charge of their learning. Using Google Classroom enhances your value as a teacher; it actually allows you to do what you do best more often.

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