coffeeEDU at ISTE

What is CoffeeEDU

CoffeeEDU is a 1 hour meet up of educators in the unconference style. Topics are not chosen in advance it is participant driven.

CoffeeEDU at ISTE17

As per tradition, there will be a CoffeeEDU every morning at ISTE. It’s always the highlight of my ISTE and it’s worth the early 6am start time. It is exactly one hour. TenMarks by Amazon will be sponsoring the coffee and snacks. So free coffee on top of meeting awesome people and having the discussions you wanted to have!!!

Even if you do not RSVP please come. Please RSVP so TenMarks by Amazon can order the right amount of coffee and snacks.

6 AM are you serious?

6 AM does not conflict with any of the goings on at ISTE. This ensures anyone presenting or wanting to get to a session is free to attend CoffeeEDU. Also, the coolest people show up at 6 AM so it’s worth it!

Join us Monday 6am or Tuesday 6am or Wednesday 6am… or any combination thereof. I’ll be there all three days!

Will You Have Stickers?

YES! I am bringing stickers…. for sure Monday. Could run out by Wednesday so no promises!

What About Books?

I might have a few of my books with me. Note that ViewSonic will be giving away some copies of my book in their booth 1232 when I do some short presentations there. Also, MaxCases will be giving away some of my books in their booth.

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Want to know where else I’ll be at ISTE?


CoffeeEDU will be at 302 Pearl Pkwy in San Antonio

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