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4pm CoffeeEDU in San Diego January 9th

I will be in San Diego January 9th hosting a coffeeEDU. This is a one-hour unconference meetup. We get to talk about whatever we want to talk about for exactly one hour… and have some coffee if you desire.


3675 Murphy Canyon Rd, San Diego, CA 92123

This is NOT the Starbucks in Vons but rather the stand alone Starbucks across the street.

Host Your Own

It is fun and easy to host your own coffeeEDU. The rules are no picking a topic in advance, it’s unconference style, and it’s exactly one hour (to the minute!). It’s supposed to be fun and easy so if it’s not fun and easy you’re doing it wrong. Pick a time date and location that works for YOU. Worst case scenario, you’re having coffee at a coffee shop. Let people know you’re having a coffeeEDU. Put it out on Twitter, Facebook, send out an email invite. Be sure to include in the invitation that all educators are welcome. It’s much better when you have new educators to meet.

Find CoffeeEDU on Twitter

Use the hashtag #coffeeEDU to interact with others about coffeeEDU. Tweet on the hashtag while you’re at a coffeeEDU. You can also post pictures to Instagram using the hashtag #coffeeEDU to have pictures from the coffeeEDU post to the coffeeEDU website.


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