Blank Google Slides Template

This template is probably not so earth shattering. It is blank Google Slides. One slide layout. Blank. So often I just need a blank canvas and those 11 default layouts are just unnecessary. Blank Google Slides Template

Google Slides: Make a Draggable Stack

One fun thing to do with Google Slides is to give students a template where they can drag things around on the “canvas.” As a math teacher, I like students to use a pile of dots to represent their math. Create Google Slides Create a Google Slides with a...

5 Things About Google Slides You Did Not Know

5 Things About Google Slides You Did Not Know This is a little cheating as some of these features are new so you could not have known!! Google Slides is one of my favorites. I use it to have students GIVE ME information rather than get information. Truly...
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