Paper Does Not Have a Keyword Search

Paper does not search

Let us pretend my children (I have 5) are super organized and all their papers from school are hole punched, indexed in a binder with dividers, properly titled, and filed by date. Even in this perfect scenario the binder of papers does not allow for a keyword search. Google Drive does. Entire Document At the […]

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5 EdTech Tools to Try

5 EdTech Tools to Try

The tool does not increase student engagement or increase student learning. How the teacher uses the tool and designs the learning environment makes the difference. Try something new with these 5 tools!! 1) Bloomz App: A parent communication tool. Install this app on your mobile device to share pictures from class, post announcements, sign up […]

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Google Apps Script: Create Your Own Mail Merge

Mail Merge

I use peer evaluation quite a bit in my class. My data is collected via a Google Form and are in a spreadsheet.  I use mail merge to send students back the comments of the peer evaluations. While there are pre-made Add-On’s to send out emails, there can be an email limit. This tutorial will […]

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Google Apps Script: Create an Alert

Create an alert

Google Apps Script allows you to customize Google Apps. Part of your script can alert the user to provide them information or inform them that the script ran correctly. Here is the sample code to create an alert. Script Editor In a Google Sheets spreadsheet or in a Google Doc use the Tools menu to […]

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Google Apps Script: Create an Add-On

Create an add on (1)

For most of my scripts I have written you access the script through the Add-On menu. In my group maker script you create a copy of the template and then go to the Add-On menu to locate “Group Maker.” You can create your own Add-On for your scripts you create. The scripts are attached to […]

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Google Apps Script: Format a Sheet

Format a Sheet

How do we promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) with students if we do not engage in these activities ourselves? Learning a little code is one way we can model the importance of these skills to our students. Also, it is really cool to manipulate Google Apps. Here is a little activity to get […]

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Digital Citizenship: Sign Out of Chrome

Control Shift Q

Perhaps you’ve seen a wayward Facebook post saying how awesome the spouse is; clearly the actual account holder forgot to log out of their Facebook. Students, in particular, are using school computers where it is important to remember to sign out of accounts. Teaching students to log out of their accounts is an important part of […]

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Share What You Do

chrome extensions for Twitter

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I am constantly sharing whatever resource I am using, keyboard shortcut I am rocking, or snippits from conversations I am having. If it is helpful to me I figure it might be helpful to someone else. There are some things we take for granted that everyone […]

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Google Slides: Animate Items Together

Animate Together

Google Slides is a presentation tool in the collaboration suite of Google Docs and Drive. Like in other presentation tools you can animate the elements on the slide. If you select multiple items at once, you can animate them together. Use animation very very sparingly. Animations are fun to play with when you first discover […]

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Google Apps: Hamburgers and Dots

Dots and Lines

Two things to look for when using Google Apps in particular (other products use these too!): 3 lines or 3 dots together. 1) 3 Lines – Menu In Google Classroom, mobile versions of Google Docs, and more places, you will see 3 lines in the upper left hand corner. These lines are sometimes referred to […]

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Google Calendar: Add Attachments

Google Calendar add attachments

Google Calendar is amazing, I won’t try to sell it because you’re probably already using it! One thing I have been recently using and loving is the ability to attach things from Google Drive in Google Calendar. While I do a fairly good job of organizing my files in folders in Google Drive, it is […]

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Kyle’s Spelling Activity

Spelling Activity

My friend Kyle asked me to code a way for his son to practice spelling words. Clearly the answer is always a spreadsheet. Enter spelling words onto this spreadsheet and use the Add-On menu (Kyle spells) to practice spelling words. Template How it Works After making a copy of the template, locate the Add-On […]

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Google Classroom: Submit Short URL’s

short urls in google classroom

There are times when using a short URL with Google Classroom makes sense. Submitting an ongoing journal or project. Submitting a link to a group project. Submitting link to a particular slide in Google Slides from a collaborative activity. Submitting peer evaluation comments (I’ll explain that at the bottom.) Short URL When students submit the […]

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