Digital Citizenship: Share Spam with Students

teach students spam

When possible, it is important that we educate our students on how to be safe on the web. Scammers are always out there trying to take your personal information and money. When you receive spam/scam email that does not have inappropriate information try asking students to determine if this is a valid email and why […]

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Using Fluency Tutor for Google with NewsELA

newsela fluency tutor (1)

Fluency Tutor for Google by Texthelp allows you to hear your students read. Newsela allows students to read current news articles at different Lexile levels. Using them together allows students to record and share their reading of news articles with you. Install the Fluency Tutor Chrome Extension Newsela From Newsela, click on the Fluency Tutor for […]

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Control F – Find

Control F find

Control F lets you find keywords on a web page or within a document. Command F on a Mac. This keyboard shortcut is handy in a gradebook to jump quickly to a student’s name in the roster. Research Technique As we shift towards asking students complex questions, we need to help students filter through the […]

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Google Drive: Filter Is:Starred


My tip for creating teacher documents is to star your originals. This is particularly helpful if you are using Google Classroom since student work is titled the same as your original documents. You can star your Google Documents by clicking on the star icon to the right of the document name in the document. From […]

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Google Sheets: Copy Down FAST

Fill down square

One of my favorite features of Google Sheets spreadsheets is the ability to “fill down.” This copies a pattern and quickly allows me to count from 1 to 100 or apply a formula repeatedly. Fill Down Square When you click on a cell in the spreadsheet, notice the bottom right-hand corner of the cell has […]

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Google Classroom: Link to an Assignment

link to an assignment google classroom

If you have assignments that are ongoing, such as a journal, or assignments you want to refer back to, try linking to the previous assignment. Instructions Page Locate the assignment in the Stream. Click on the title. At the top of the assignment grading screen it says “Instructions” and “Student Work.” Click on “Instructions.” Copy […]

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Google Classroom: OOPS, Fixing Assignments When You Forgot to Make Copies

fixing assignments in google classroom

When creating an assignment in Google Classroom and attaching documents you have 3 choices for how to attach the file. View, Edit or Make Copies. There have been times that I have published an assignment and accidentally made a file View or Edit instead of Make Copies. I have also accidentally forgotten to attach the […]

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3 Google Resources for Student Centered Writing by @shfarnsworth

shaelynn farnsworth 3 google tips for writing

3 Google Resources to Help Students Organize Information in a Student-Centered Writing Classroom  Guest Post by Shaelynn Farnsworth In a student-centered writing classroom, students may be in various stages in the writing process. To combat all of the organizational issues that may arise, it is important to equip students with not only the resources to […]

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Google Drive Level Up Challenge

Google Drive Level Up Challenge

Part of my lesson for this week is to introduce my students to Google Drive. Some of the students are adept at tech skills and others struggle with highlighting text. To help differentiate for the variety of Google Drive knowledge, I created a challenge list the students can choose from. The students choose the challenges […]

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20 Tips to Transform Your Class with Google Apps

alice keeler BETT 2016

20 Tips for Transforming Your Class with GAfE and Classroom I presented in the Google booth at the BETT conference in London this week. Here are my slides from the presentation, along with the presenter notes. Thank you @jourde for tweeting this picture of me presenting.   

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Be a Ninja: Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

keyboard ninja

Learning keyboard shortcuts and using them consistently helps you to feel like a ninja at the computer. Look up keyboard shortcuts on a Google search and the length of the list may feel overwhelming. An easy way to help students to increase their digital literacy skills is to integrate keyboard shortcuts into instruction. Include keyboard shortcuts […]

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ThingLink – Let Students Figure it Out


My husband teaches high school English. I made a reference to ThingLink. He says “What is ThingLink?” I said… “this is your lesson plan on Monday. Ask your students to create a ThinkLink about the book Jane Eyre… BUT… You are not allowed to look up what it is.” The students created some wonderful […]

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Alternatives to Student Presentations

update the student presentation

Let’s keep things interesting and mix things up! I’m a fan of focusing on the learning objective, not the assignment. Providing students choices for ways they can demonstrate their learning definitely keeps things interesting!! When we ask students to “create a presentation” or “make a brochure” you can almost hear the groaning in the room […]

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