Voice Typing Comes to Google Docs

Voice Typing in Google Docs

  Google Docs now allow for voice typing. I use voice typing on my phone all the time, this is a welcome addition to Google Docs. I am amazed at how accurate the voice typing is. Make sure you talk at a slower pace, carefully enunciating each word. I find it helps to talk a little […]

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Google Drive: Shared with Me is a Filter, Not a Folder

Shared with me (1)

A common question I am asked is about  “Shared with me” in Google Drive. This is a filter, not a folder. You can not organize files in “Shared with me,” nor should you consider this a place to keep shared files. Move Files I frequently click on “Shared with me” (also with “Recent”) to see […]

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5 ADVANCED Google Docs Challenges.

5 Google Docs Challenges (2)

Earlier I posted 5 challenges for each of the 5 Google Docs options in Google Drive. These were for teachers new to Google Docs. Here are 5 more challenges for the more practiced users. Link to Slides presentation  

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Google Classroom: Move to Top – BACKWARDS

Move Assignments backwards google classroom

Google Classroom recently added the feature where you can move a post to the top. This kind of allows you to reorganize the stream. In the upper right hand corner of a post notice there are 3 dots to indicate “More options.” Click on these 3 dots to access the option to “Move to top.” […]

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Google Classroom: Change Docs to Can Comment

Google Classroom can comment

When sharing files with students in Google Classroom you are able to give them viewing rights or editing rights on a document. The option for students to only comment on a document is not expressly listed. If you want your students to insert comments on a document but not edit it, here are the steps […]

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5 Google Docs Challenges

5 Google Docs Challenges (1)

If you are just getting started with Google Docs (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms or Drawings) here is a challenge for each app to try. I am using this presentation in a workshop I am giving to teachers who are new to Google Docs. New to Google Docs may mean they have never used it or […]

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30 Second Videos for Your Students

30 second videos

Personally, I cringe when I hear a teacher mention they are making videos for their students. I absolutely advocate for teachers to create videos. However, regardless of the medium, student engagement matters. Too often I see 10-20 minute videos for students to watch. Ugh. Ten Seconds Research shows that people decide in the first 10 […]

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Annotating PDF’s is a Bad Lesson Plan

Please do not annotate pdfs

I am constantly asked how to annotate PDF’s. This is flat out a question I refuse to answer. Annotating PDF’s is not an engaging lesson plan. Trying to fill out a PDF on a computer is WORSE than just filling it out on paper. We should not be using tech for the sake of using […]

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Versal – Pin Win Teach


  My friends at Versal asked me to share this promotion with you. I am all about getting technology into the hands of teachers so I wanted to share this opportunity with you to $2015 for your classroom. Follow Versal on Pinterest and create a board. Tag your post with #BackToSchoolWithVersal and submit it to […]

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Google Classroom: UNCHECK Duplicate Attachments

Uncheck Duplicate Post

Google Classroom just updated to allow you to reuse a post. I have already used this feature about 5 million times already. When reusing an assignment or announcement you are given the option to “Create new copies of all attachments.” This is defaulted on. I recommend you almost always turn this OFF.  Uncheck I recommend that […]

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Google Drive: Recent->Click->Magnifying Glass


Here is a workflow I use with Google Drive all the time. Click on “Recent” on the left hand side. Click on the file that I was using recently. Click on the magnifying glass in the toolbar to jump me to that folder.

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Google Classroom: Reuse an Assignment

Google Classroom Reuse Post

The Google Classroom team is always listening to teachers and in response to feedback they have added the feature to be able to reuse a post in your stream. Plus Icon To add an assignment, announcement, or question to the stream click on the plus icon now located in the bottom right-hand corner. The top […]

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Google Classroom: New Way to Create a Post

Google Classroom, add posts

Google has updated how assignments and announcements are added to Google Classroom. They have also added a new feature that allows the teacher to ask the class a question. Plus Icon Many Google products such as the Google mobile apps, https://docs.google.com, sheets.google.com,  slides.google.com, and inbox.google.com have a plus icon in the bottom right hand corner to add […]

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