Giving a PowerPoint is NOT a Student Centered Lesson

PowerPoint is not exciting

  21st Century teaching models call for a more student centered classroom. No longer is the teacher the holder of all knowledge. Students are able to conduct research, use social media tools to ask questions and find new information. If we are asking students in each lesson to Communicate their ideas, Collaborate, Critically Think and […]

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Google Docs: Default to Anyone With the Link Can View

anyone with the link can view

I was talking with a teacher who was wishing that it was possible to have Google Docs default to “Anyone with the link can view.” This would ensure that when he shares resources that viewers are not told that the document is private and they do not have access. If you set the sharing settings […]

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Google Classroom – Create Your Own Theme Image

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.18.16 PM

New features in Google Classroom came out today. The Google Classroom reads every piece of feedback that is submitted. Many teachers were asking how they can make their classrooms more about their students by using a picture from their class rather than the default images in the theme gallery. Submit Feedback Submit feedback to the Classroom […]

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Remind App + Google Classroom = Teacher Tip Tuesday

Remind on one side

This week I was the guest on Remind’s Teacher Tip Tuesday. The questions were “What is something innovative you are doing in your classroom” and “How are you using Remind” What I am Excited About While I do a lot of different things with my classes what I am really excited about right now is […]

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Google Classroom: Students Need Side by Side Windows

side by side

A teacher was telling me that her students were asking for a printed version of the Google Classroom directions. No printing is needed if students resize the windows on their computer to have Google Classroom directions on one side of the screen and their work on the other side. If students are using Google Chrome […]

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Chrome Extension – Gradebook Split

Alice Keeler Gradebook Splitter

The Chrome Extension Gradebook Split automatically places your students digital work on the left of your screen and opens up your gradebook on the right hand side of the screen. When grading student work that is digital, the challenge can be efficiently entering feedback and scores into the gradebook. The trick to entering feedback and scores […]

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Gamification Tip: Provide a Challenge


I started my 7 year old on using Scratch Jr for the iPad. This app is for young children to get started with the idea of coding. It allows the child to drag action blocks to snap together to have a character do something. My daughter was interested in this for about 30 minutes when […]

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Google Classroom: Provide Feedback Faster

Turn in google classroom

The faster you provide feedback for students the more motivated the students are and it increases learning opportunities. When using Google Docs I need to know when students have worked on a document or have submitted a document. Unfortunately Google Classroom does not have a list of recently submitted work. (Yet, the fine folks at […]

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Embed A Video on Your Website from Google Drive


Now that Google Apps for Education has unlimited storage you should fill it up with video! I use the Snagit Chrome extension to create screencasts that are automatically saved in Google Drive. (Click Here for Extension. Click Here for Snagit App. You need both!) I suggest you set your sharing settings on the TechSmith folder […]

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My Tablet Charging Station: Aleratec


I have been using the Aleratec charging station for almost a year. This has been a great tool for charging all of my devices. What is nice is that it is a small box that can be placed anywhere. I love how non bulky the Aleratec is yet still incredibly powerful. Optional tablet stands are available to […]

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