Office 365: Use Excel Survey to Gather Information

O365 Excel Survey



I have heard some users of Microsoft 365 that they wish there was a way to have something like Google Forms to collect formative assessment or survey data from students and parents

Excel Survey

In OneDrive, click on “New.” The last document option is “Excel survey.”

Create Survey

Name the file and you will be taken to a screen to create your survey form.
Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 10.28.26 AM

Add a Title

Where it says “Enter a title for your survey here” click to edit. Click below the title to enter a description for the survey form.
Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.12.42 AM

Enter a Question

Click where it says “Enter your first question here.” This will open the settings for the question. Delete the default text of “Enter your first question here” and replace it with your first question. The “Question Subtitle” allows you to provide additional context or directions for your question.
add a question excel survey

Response Type

The default question type is a text box for students to input their answers. Choose from the drop down list if you would like to have a different answer choice.
O365 response type



For a multiple choice question choose “Choice.” Delete out the default text of “Choice A”, “Choice B”, etc… Hint: use the keyboard shortcut “Control A” to select all of the default text. Each answer choice A, B, C, D, etc… is entered on it’s own line. Type your answer choices and press enter between choices.

O365 choice option

Default Answer

If you want to have a default answer that the students can accept, for example if the question is “What assignment is this?” you may want a default answer to pre-slug that field on the survey form. Click done.

Add Another Question

Click “Add New Question” at the bottom of the question list to add another.
Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 11.33.20 AM

Share Survey

The results of the survey form will automatically go into an Excel spreadsheet. Click on “Share Survey” at the bottom right.
share survey O365

Copy Link

Use “Control C” to copy the link to the survey. Share this link with your students, or whoever you need to take the survey.

Survey Options

If you need to get back to the survey form to edit or share it, locate the “Survey” icon in the toolbar. Click on this for the options to “View Survey,” “Edit Survey,” “Delete Survey,” Or “Share Survey.”
O365 Survey

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Google Docs: Tips for Restricting Collaborators


I got a message this morning from a teacher who discovered that some other people were inadvertently added as collaborators to a folder in Google Drive. Since she was the owner of the folder, she was upset that someone else had given people permission to the folder. Especially when we are trying to protect student data we want to make sure that unauthorized people are not accidentally given access to our documents.


Within the share window, at the bottom, is a link to change permissions for who can add collaborators.

Within a document, click on the blue share button to find this setting.

To share a folder click on the folder in the new Google Drive and click on the share icon above the document list.
google drive share folder 2

Link Below Invites

Below where it says “Invite people” is a link to change who can change document or folder permissions. Click on the “Change” link.

Only the Owner Can Change

Choose the 2nd option “Only the owner can change the permissions.”
only owners Google Drive Share

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Control L Highlights the URL

Control L

Control L

A really handy keyboard shortcut to practice is Control L (Command L on the Mac). Control L will highlight the URL in the address bar. If you ever need to share a link to a Google Doc or other webpage this is very convenient.

Control C

Control L will only HIGHLIGHT the URL, it does not copy the URL. To copy you will want to hold down the Control key and strike C for copy. To paste the URL use Control V.


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New Google Drive: 4 Easy Steps for Sharing a Folder

folder share

Images from

Sharing folders in Google Drive allows you to easily share multiple files without having to remember the email addresses of everyone in your class or on your team. The advantage to sharing a folder rather than sharing files is that it is a one time sharing. Once the folder is shared, anything placed in the folder will automatically be shared. This helps to ensure that anyone who needs information about your project or class always have the complete and current list of document.

New Button

Click on the “New” button (formerly Create) on the left hand side of Google Drive. The first option in the menu is to create a folder.
google drive new folder


If you would like a folder within a folder, first go to the folder you want to put the new folder in. Clicking “New” and choosing folder will place that folder within the folder you have open. You can also drag a folder into another folder if you would like to.

Select Folder

In the new Google Drive the checkboxes are gone. Now you can easily single click on the folder to select it.
google drive share folder

Share Icon

In the toolbar above the file listings is an icon to share. The icon looks like a shadow of a person with a plus button. Click on the share icon.
google drive share folder 2

Type in Email Addresses

By default the folder is private. The exception to this is if you create the folder within another folder that is not private, the sub folder takes on the sharing settings of the parent folder.

You can click on the word “Change” if you would like to change the folder from being private. This is important if you’re trying to share a collection of files with parents or other non collaborators.

At the bottom of the share screen is an option to input the email address of collaborators. If you are sharing with a large group of collaborators, such as a classroom of students, use a Google Form to collect the email addresses so you can copy and paste the emails rather than typing them.
change and share google drive

Link to Share

The link at the top of the share screen is the link you can use to share with people who are not explicit collaborators with documents in the folder.

In Drive, single click on the folder and choose the link icon in the toolbar above the document list. Copy (Control C) the link to the folder.
share link google drive

Add to Drive

Collaborators who you explicitly shared the folder with will want to make sure that they add the folder to “My Drive.” They will find the folder under “Incoming” on the left hand side. Hovering over the shared folder in the “Incoming” list will show an icon to allow the collaborator to add the folder to their Drive. For more information link to my blog post on sharing files in Google Drive.
add to my drive


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4 Chrome Extensions for Teachers: July 2014

Previously I had a series of blog posts on Chrome Extensions for Teachers. Here are some more Chrome Extensions that you might find handy.

PDF Viewer

I have been using this Chrome extension for awhile. Whenever I click on a link that is suppose to download a PDF, instead it opens the PDF in a tab so I can read it. It has been incredibly useful since I find I need to access a lot of PDF’s as an educator (and as a doctoral student.)

Click Here to download the PDF Viewer extension

Move It Chrome Extension

Previously I blogged about this Chrome extension. If we want students to develop healthy lifestyles we can not limit physical activity to PE class. This extension has a customizable timer on it that every “15″ minutes opens a new tab and gives you a suggestion for a physical activity you can do in about 10 seconds. Since it interrupts your work it is hard to ignore like a timer.

How long should a student be sitting doing work on a computer? The Move It Chrome extension helps to remind students, and us, to be continuously active during the day.

Click Here to download the Move It Chrome Extension.

Chrome to Mobile

The Chrome to Mobile extension pushes the tab in your Chrome browser to the Chrome browser on your mobile device (Android, iPad, iPhone, etc..). This is really handy when I am doing lesson planning on my computer and then need to take my work on the go.

Click Here to download the Chrome to Mobile Chrome extension.

Save Text to Drive

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.21.31 AMWhen reading a website if the site contains information you want to save for later simply click on the “Save Text to Drive” icon to the right of the Omnibox. A text file is created and saved to your Google Drive. Without having to remember the website that had that information the file is now in Drive. This means you can do a keyword search to find that information again.

Click here to download the Save Text to Drive Chrome Extension

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Experience the New Google Drive

experience the new google drive

If you would like to experience the new Google Drive you will want to go to the settings cog in the upper right of your Google Drive and choose “Experience the new Drive. Google is rolling it out, so you may not see this option yet. However, it is coming. If your school is on Google Apps for Education (GAfE) you may have to wait until the GAfE administrator enables this feature.

I am going to keep posting tips on how to use the new Google Drive. You can find my posts, and future posts at

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Google Tip: Super Easy Classroom Timer

Google Timer

As teachers we frequently need a timer. Google makes this super easy.

Type Timer

In the Omnibox of Google Chrome type in the word “timer.” Typing the word “timer” into the Google search box will launch a timer.

Click on the Timer

The default time is 5 minutes. Simply click on the timer numbers and you will be able to edit to customize the time.
Edit Timer

Full Screen

On the right hand side of the timer is a box icon, click on this to go full screen. You can push escape to exit the full screen timer.
timer google full screen


A beeping noise will go off at the end of the timer. If you want to silence the beeping click on the sound icon next to the full screen icon.

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Research Tip to Help Students Search More Efficiently

control key

An essential part of the Common Core focuses on research and using the internet. Technology has changed how we obtain information. Our students will always have information at their finger tips via their smart devices. This technology is only going to get better. This shifts our role as educators away from delivering information, to asking really good questions that our students research and defend their position with evidence.


When conducting a search I first look at the the URL of the results. I can use blogs to identify search terms I might want to explore, but I try not to use them as resources.
websites credibility

Control Key

Hold down the Control key (Command on a Mac) to open a link in a new tab. I need to skim multiple websites in order to locate the resources that are going to help me. Not wanting to conduct the search multiple times, holding down the Control key allows me to quickly open the website and see if it is helpful.

Control W

Get use to using the keyboard shortcut Control W (Command W on a Mac.) This will close the tab you just opened and take you back to your search window.

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New Google Drive: Link to a File

google drive share link


I have to admit now that I am really enjoying the new features of Google Drive. It took me a couple of days to get used to double clicking to open a file, but now it is second nature. I am now able to single click on any file and find sharing or viewing options easily in the toolbar.

Single Click

Click on any file in your My Drive to select the file.

Link Icon

Once you click on a file notice the options that appear above the document list. One of the icons is a chain link icon. Click on this icon to obtain the share link. The link is already highlighted so no need to use the mouse. Copy (Control C) the link to the clipboard. This is the link to use on your website or paste into an email to direct others to your document.


Be warned, the link icon to a Form document is the link to the edit view. If you want to share the Form with someone to fill out the form you will need to go to the edit view and either click on “View live form” and copy the URL from that page.
google forms view live form

Another way to obtain the live Form link is to click on “Send form” and copy the “Link to share.”
send form

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Math: Creating Angles in a Google Drawing

Miss Camp Student Drawing

Thank you to Sarah Camp for allowing me to blog about her idea for using Google Draw in the math classroom. In order to help her students to have accurate angles in their Google Drawings she has them import an image of protractor. Students can then compare the lines they draw in Google
miss camp


Transparent Protractor

It is important that the file type by a .PNG file. This allows for the protractor image to be “see through” so that students can put the protractor on TOP of the drawings to measure their angles.

Students can do an image search for “transparent protractor” and then DRAG the image onto the Google Drawing, or you can provide the students with a template graphic organizer in Google Drawing that contains the transparent protractor image.

Click Here for a template.

Control Shift Up

Clicking on an element and holding down the Control and Shift key while striking the up arrow will bring and element to the top. As the students draw in the Google Drawing the protractor will be underneath the drawings. The students may want to click on the protractor and hold down Control Shift Up to help them to maneuver the protractor around the drawing to measure their angles.

Off Canvas

The protractor does not need to remain on top of the drawing, potentially obscuring the work. Students can drag the protractor off canvas by using the “View” menu to resize the drawing to only 50%. This allows them to see the off canvas area.
Google Draw View
google draw store off canvas

Student Sample

Thank you Sarah Camp for providing the sample student work and the ideas!

Sarah Camp
This August Sarah will start her 9th year of teaching with a 4th/5th combo class at Berkshire Elementary. She has always been into EdTech after receiving technology from DonorsChoose. For the past several years she has served as the schools Model Technology Teacher. Last March she implemented 1:1 laptops with her 5th/6th combo class and jumped right in using GAFE . She will be blogging about her experience at and you can follow her class on Twitter @CampsCrusaders.

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