Template to Sign Up for Peer Evaluation

Google Sheets Alice Keeler Peer Evaluation Template

Recently I was assigned to give feedback to 3 of my peers. There was also a stipulation that everyone is evaluated at least 2 times. It was challenging to tell who had already been commented on twice. In response, I created a spreadsheet to help facilitate this process. Copy the Template Click Here to make […]

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Google Classroom: Use Control F

Search the stream google classroom

When trying to find information in the stream for Google Classroom you can use the keyboard shortcut of Control F to find a keyword. (Command F on a Mac.) You may need to scroll, scroll, scroll in the stream to reveal more assignments and announcements before using Control F. Google Classroom does not show all assignments […]

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Using Mail Merge from a Google Form

mail merge google forms

  If you use Google Forms with students you can use mail merge to provide students with feedback. The Flubaroo Add-On allows you to add personalized comments to each students responses before emailing back quiz scores. When you are not using Flubaroo you can use the Add-On “Yet Another Mail Merge” to email information from a […]

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Digital Citizenship One Liners

Digital Citizenship One Liners

  Before unleashing students on the Internet we need to teach them how to behave appropriately, avoid scams, be safe and how to be digitally literate. Digital citizenship is part of every classrooms curriculum, not just the responsibility of a tech class. Common Sense Media has a wealth of resources and lesson plans for teachers […]

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Blended Learning in Grades 4-12 by @catlin_tucker

Tucker book

Hands down the book that I recommend the most often is “Blended Learning in Grades 4-12” by Catlin Tucker. Catlin Tucker is a practicing English teacher with innovative and practical ideas to do blended learning. I am currently teaching pre-service teachers in the credential program at California State University Fresno and use this and Teach […]

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A Call to Math Teachers: Use Spreadsheets

start using spreadsheets

As more classrooms move towards 1:1 it is now feasible for students to be regularly creating spreadsheets. Almost any managerial position requires spreadsheet knowledge. When students ask “When are we going to use this?” The answer could very well be a spreadsheet. Writing formulas in a spreadsheet such as Google Sheets or Excel gives students […]

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Google Classroom: Co-Teacher & Draft Assignments

Google Classroom Updates

Google Classroom was built from scratch based on teacher input and feedback. The Classroom team continues to listen to teachers and respond to their feedback. If you have ideas for Google Classroom click on the question mark icon in the bottom right of Google Classroom and choose to “Send feedback.” Two of the most requested […]

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Try This Tabbed Browser Workflow – Control 2

tabbed browser

For my classes I teach I create the agenda on a website. This means the students need to have my class website open in a tab all the time. The students are also taking notes (usually collaboratively) on a Google Doc. They also have a digital portfolio that they maintain to demonstrate all of their […]

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Google Classroom: Who Deleted Student Answers?!

Deleted Google Classroom

Collaborative documents bring a world of possibilities and a new set of potential problems. Intuitively students do not know the social norms for how to work on a document at the same time. It is likely that when students are first exposed to a collaborative document that they accidentally or intentionally delete the work of […]

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Math Teachers: Alice’s Guide to LaTex


Do not ask me how to pronounce LaTex, but as a math teacher it is a useful thing to know! In a nutshell LaTex let’s you put pretty print math symbols on the web. If you need fractions and square roots it can be very helpful to know just a little LaTex. Most websites will […]

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