Try Versal for Interactive Lessons


Taking a look this week at Versal. Versal is an online platform to create lessons or whole courses. What I like about Versal is the unique way it allows for interactivity, ease of building a course, and how it works with other tools you may be using. Blended Classroom When creating a blended or online […]

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Google Classroom: Creating Collaboration Groups

Google Classroom Folder structure

  Google Classroom can be used for more than just creating a class or professional development session! Google Classroom is Google Drive Management. Using Google Classroom for a collaboration group helps to keep files neatly organized in Google Drive. If you are working with a group on creating and curating, where group members are all […]

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Google Classroom: Understanding the Classroom Folder

Google Classroom Folder

Google Classroom automatically creates a “Classroom” folder in Google Drive for the teacher and the student. This is awesome but may lead to some confusion. Here are some tips about the Google Classroom folder. Same Name The class folder in Google Drive for the teacher and the student has the same name but is NOT […]

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Hands down one of the best things I do for myself as an educator is use Twitter. I follow innovative educators who SHARE what they do and are willing to help. I do not use Twitter like Facebook and I do not follow people who do. I frequently talk to teachers who are having a […]

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#ISTE15 or #ISTE2015 – View Both in Tweetdeck

ISTE15 or ISTE2015

Previously the hashtag for the ISTE event was the 2 digits of the year. Last year the hashtag was switched to the 4 digits of the year and this year again ISTE is going with #ISTE2015. Many of us are use to the old pattern. The old pattern also conserves 2 needed characters. Each tweet is […]

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Google Forms: Submitting Drawings

Drawings to Forms

In Google Forms you may want to ask students a question that requires a visual answer. Google Forms limits student responses to text submissions. Google Drawings allow students to draw and model their learning, work collaboratively with images, create projects and provide evidence of their work. Using Google Drawings as an assignment for students can allow for easy […]

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Google Classroom: Writing Assignment Directions

Google Classroom Create Direction

One thing I love about Google Classroom is it’s simplicity. Almost any teacher can be up and running with a blended classroom in 30 minutes. However, Google Classroom is not a learning management system (LMS). You are not able to reuse classes and parents can not view the stream of assignments. When creating assignments the […]

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Google Classroom: Submitting Collaborative Google Slides

Google Classroom Collaborative Slides

One of the things I love being able to do with Google Slides is have all students in the class collaborate on a single Slides presentation. This gives me one document to open and assess. I can give feedback to students while they are working on the presentation. Students can see the contribution of other […]

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Google Classroom: Using a Writing Journal

Writing Journals Google Classroom

I received a tweet from a teacher wanting to have his students create writing journals and then submit them through Classroom. Here is a suggestion for how to create the writing journals. Create a template in Google Docs. Add a table of contents to the doc. The blue hyperlinks in the table of contents can […]

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Google Slides: Slides on a Plane – Going Offline

Google Slides on a Plane

Recently I was flying to do a Google presentation in South Carolina (I live in California). Once again, my flight did not have WiFi and I needed to work on creating presentations. Here are my tips for creating and editing Google Docs from your phone or mobile device when you do not have WiFi. Plan […]

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Google Classroom – Using RubricTab to Assess Students

Google Classroom Rubric tab

Previously I created a rubric template that allows you to create a rubric, paste your class roster, and then create a copy of the rubric for each student to make evaluation for your class easy. I have upgraded the script (Add-On) so that it now creates a spreadsheet for each student to share with them […]

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Emailing Groups of People – Use BCC

use BCC

I just received an email that was sent out to at least 50 recipients. The problem with is that when someone replies to all it goes out to all 50+ people and quickly my inbox is blowing up with emails from people I do not know. Privacy Besides the excessive email that is generated by […]

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Google Classroom: Add a Co-Teacher

Co-Teacher in Google Classroom

There are many reasons to have more than one teacher assigned to a Google Classroom class. Teachers who teach the same subject or grade level tend to collaborate together. Adding each other as co-teacher in Google Classroom helps to have more consistency amongst classes. Using Google Classroom for professional learning, PLC’s, or department collaboration it […]

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Google Classroom: Save Student Work

Grading Google Classroom Folder

  I have a saying: Technology allows us to do things differently, so we will do things differently. One of the things I love about using Google Docs and Google Classroom is that they allow me rethink accepted norms. Why do we not accept late work? Why do we not provide feedback until after students […]

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Google Classroom: Let’s Make the Grade

Google Classroom Grading Assignments (1)

Google Classroom allows you to assign work and collect it. What Google Classroom does not have (thankfully) is a gradebook. This allows you to use Google Classroom with whatever gradebook system you have. Research shows that students value high-quality feedback over simply receiving a score or letter grade. Google Classroom makes it easy to quickly […]

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