Be Student Centered Day One

be student centered day one

If we want our classrooms to be student-centered we need to start this day 1. What message do you send your students when day 1 you stand in front of the room, introduce yourself and go over the syllabus? It is a new era, we should not be teaching like we were taught. I challenge […]

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Google Sheets: Clip the Text

Wrapping in Google Sheets

Recently Google has updated how word wrapping works in Google Sheets spreadsheets. I have been working on creating a spreadsheet that links to the assignment rubrics. The problem is that when you have long text in a spreadsheet cell it spills over into the next cells if those cells are empty. Notice in the screenshot […]

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How Many Minutes Do You Talk?

time you talk

I would challenge you to time the number of minutes you talk during an instructional period. In a 50 minute period, what percentage should be the teacher and what percentage should be the student? The person doing the work, is the person doing the learning. How many minutes does each student spend talking? Technology Technology […]

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Please Tweet Your Lesson Plans

share lesson plans

Let’s be honest, teaching is hard. We need to band together and share what we are doing. I love teachers who tweet pictures of their classroom, it is so inspiring. I did not get into teaching to horde information. One major reason I am on Twitter is to learn from other teachers. I am truly […]

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Google Classroom: Sharing or Submitting a Google Drive Folder

share a folder in google classroom

When clicking on the Drive icon in Google Classroom you can search folders but you are not able to natively attach a folder. Attaching a Folder To attach a folder in Google Classroom you will need to start from Google Drive ( Locate the folder you wish to share and click on it one time. […]

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Google Sheets: Students Send Tab of Work to Teacher


One of my favorite tools to teach with is Google Sheets. I create spreadsheets to crowd source information from students, which gives all students 30x more research information to work with. I create spreadsheets to have class discussions. This gives every student a chance to voice their ideas and for students to hear from everyone. […]

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Google Sheets: 3 Add-Ons to Try

3 Add Ons for Google Sheets

If you use Google Forms your data goes into a spreadsheet. Whether you are using Google Forms or are starting straight from a spreadsheet there are some great spreadsheet Add-Ons that can increase your productivity. What is an Add-On? An Add-On is, typically, not created by Google but rather 3rd party programmers. These scripts add […]

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Google Classroom Chrome Extension

Choose assignment or announcement

Recently Google Classroom came out with the ability for websites to have a share to Google Classroom button. One of my favorite examples is Flat ( which allows for collaborative music composition online. With the click of a button teachers can assign Flat to their music students right to the Google Classroom stream. Students can […]

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Google Apps Script: Debugging Tips from Alice

debugging google apps script

This week I¬†worked on several Google Apps Scripts projects. Part of coding is failing. You write your code and cross your fingers. Most likely there is something that needs to be “debugged” or fixed. Productive struggle is highly motivating. With programming, you have an end goal and something functional after you get your code to […]

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Learn to Code – Do it For the Kids

Learn to Code

There is a shortage of people who know how to program. These are high quality, high paying jobs. How do we encourage students to learn how to code? Learning to programming not only is a skill that is in high demand, it is also incredibly useful. We have all wished we had an app or […]

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Google Classroom: Make a Copy for Each Student

creating copies in google classroom

Google Classroom gives you 3 ways to attach documents in an assignment. Students can view file Students can edit file Create a copy for each student When using Google Classroom as a replacement for the Xerox machine, realize that it functions a lot like the Xerox machine. When you take your document down to the […]

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Rubrics: Creating a List of Your Rubrics

List your rubrics

If you use rubrics for your assignments it can be handy to have a list of all of your rubrics in one place. Of course, a spreadsheet is the best answer for organizing information. Google Sheets Create a new spreadsheet in Google Sheets to organize your rubric list. RubricTab If you use rubrics you will […]

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Control Tab – Rotate Tabs in Your Browser

Control Tab

  If you are like me you have multiple tabs open in your browser. Hold down the Control key and press tab to go to the next tab in your browser. On a Mac it is also Control Tab. Command Tab¬†rotates active programs on your Mac.

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Side by Side Windows – You Need Them

Example of Side by Side windows

I sent a tweet yesterday saying if you do not have side by side windows as a teacher you’re wasting a lot of time for different things. As a teacher we are required to multi-task. At a bare minimum, you need to read student work and use the gradebook. More and more our work is […]

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Kid With a Timer

Kid with a timer

I like to talk. I like to talk a lot. I’m sure all my friends are going to clog the comments below with “no kidding Alice.” I think a lot of us would be surprised at how many minutes we actually spend talking during class. I was at a workshop lately that said in a […]

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