Google Drive: Clean Out Your Trash

Drive Trash

Tweet When you delete files in Google Drive they go to the “Trash.” The files stay in the trash until you delete them. Click on the “Trash” category on the left hand side in Google Drive. If you are like me there are thousands of files in there that you had deleted. Control A Deleting […]

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Managing Email from Google Plus Communities


Tweet I use Google Plus Communities with the college students that I teach. The Google Plus Community can generate a lot of email for students. This can be managed. While you can turn off email notifications, I would recommend you set up Priority Inbox instead. Priority Inbox In Gmail hover over the word “Inbox.” This […]

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Control L, Control C, Control V

Control L, C, V

Tweet This is a workflow I use frequently. Control L to highlight the URL. Control C to copy the URL and Control V to paste the URL somewhere. If you are a Mac user it is Command L, Command C, and Command V.

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How to Create a Hyperlink

Control K

Tweet   Click Here to open a graphic for keyboard shortcuts in Google Slides. Using “Click Here” for hyperlinks is significantly more visually appealing than using the URL:   Hyperlink Hyperlinking text means that you point your text to another location or website. If you notice text is a different color or underlined it is […]

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Sharing a Google Drawing


Tweet I love using Google Drawing and so does @gormang. It is perfect for making posters, graphics, virtual manipulatives, certificates, infographics, and more. Google Drawing is collaborative just like the other Google Docs so more than one person can create the drawing at the same time. The process for sharing a Google Drawing is the same […]

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Google Classroom: Share Classroom Folder

Google Classroom Folder

Tweet   Google Classroom requires that I use my Google Apps domain. This is also true for my students. I usually am logged into my personal account. My older students frequently use their personal accounts also. The dilemma is how to access your Google Classroom assignments when you are not logged into your Google Apps […]

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Google Drive: Managing Files in Multiple Folders

Add To

Tweet The new Google Drive has a slightly different interface. Rather than single clicking to open a file, you double click. Single click now allows you to select a file and utilize a toolbar or keyboard shortcuts to do things to the file. Move File Probably you have a need to organize your Google Drive […]

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Google Forms: Notification Rules

Google Forms Email Notification

Tweet Depending on the data you are collecting from students you may want to receive an email when the form is submitted. At the suggestion of Ramsey Musallam I have included an anonymous honest feedback form with each lesson. Students do not always fill out the form each lesson, thus necessitating that I receive a […]

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Gamification of the Classroom

Gamification of the Classroom (1)

Tweet These are the slides, resources and notes for my presentation at BETT 2015 in London on “Gamification of the Classroom” Click Here to link to my slides. Click Here to level up your gamification of the classroom Click Here for a sample XP list Click Here for a sample quest list. Click Here for a level up […]

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