Pivot This: Summarize Google Forms Data

pivot tables

After collecting data from a Google Form it is likely that you want some summary data. Pivot tables allow you to not only count or add up information in your spreadsheet but also enables you to cross tabulate with another characteristic. For example to count how many votes each candidate earned but break down the votes […]

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Control Shift T – Resurrect a Tab

Control Shift T

Users of Chrome who have accidentally closed a tab can bring the tab back by holding down the Control and the Shift key and pressing T. Mac users use Command Shift T. Control T Control T will create a new tab. Control Shift T Control Shift T will bring back a tab you have closed. You […]

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5 Ways to Teach with YouTube


I bought Minecraft for my 7 year old son and asked him if he needed help with it. “No, I just looked it up on YouTube.” We all know that YouTube is a great source for tutorial videos. Did you know that YouTube is the #2 search engine? Students are very likely to look up […]

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A Point is NOT a Unit of Currency

One Point

A dollar has a fixed value. Points for assignments do not. On a 3 point assignment a single point has a lot more value than on a 100 point assignment. I think sometimes we are in the mindset of “taking off a point” when students miss something on the assignment regardless of the number of […]

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5 Things You Did Not Know About Google Forms

5 things google forms

   Skip Pages Google Forms allows you to create pages so that all of the questions are not all on one screen. In some circumstances the questions do not apply for every student. If students answer no they are not participating in a sport the section of questions about which sports the student participates in […]

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I Challenge You to Install Minecraft on your Phone

Minecraft phone

If you have a smartphone I challenge you to install the Minecraft app on your phone. Minecraft is available on iOS or Google Play. Tell Your Students Install Minecraft and tell your students that you did. See their reaction and their enthusiasm to want to help you with it. Minecraft How do you get started […]

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4 Chrome Extensions for Teachers – March 2015

Alice Keeler Chrome

Here are 4 additional Chrome Extensions that might be useful for teachers. Click Here for the full list Table Capture If a webpage contains tables of data this Chrome Extension allows you to copy the data or send it to a Google Sheet. This is particularly handy for students who are doing research for a project […]

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Be a Search Ninja – Use Minus


One trick for doing a web search is to EXCLUDE terms by using a minus sign in front of the keyword. I am currently trying to do a search for the human population numbers in the circumpolar regions. Sample Search I start my search with circumpolar population However, I notice that I am getting several […]

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Google Apps Script: You Can Code (part 3)

Google Apps Script (1)

  Google Apps Script is a great way to get started with learning to program. You need to know very little JavaScript and are able to create really useful projects quickly. For this tutorial we will NOT add any new JavaScript techniques. Check out the first tutorial where you changed the name of a Google […]

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5 Ways to Make Professional Looking Google Documents

Announcement (3)

The Gooru recently posted “4 Tips for Making Professional Looking Google Documents.” Here are a few more tips for using Google Docs for professional looking documents. 1) Use Invisible Tables Using the “Table” menu insert a table to organize the content on the page. Right click on the table to choose “Table properties…” Choose a table […]

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