Creating Google Presentations with Scoot & Doodle



I frequently am creating presentations for different professional development workshops I am presenting at. I wanted to do something fun with my slides this time so I thought I would use Scoot & Doodle to create my backdrops.

Step 1: Start a Google Hangout

That probably was not what you were expecting… Scoot & Doodle is a Google Hangout App. On the left hand side of Google Hangout are some standard apps. Notice down at the bottom of the apps are 3 inconspicuous dots. Click on these dots and find the “Scoot & Doodle” App. You may need to click on “Add Apps” to find it.
scoot n doodle


Step 2: Click on the Scoot & Doodle App

This will switch you a blank canvas. Scoot & Doodle let’s you draw collaboratively with other people in a hangout. This can be a fun way to make slide backgrounds with others… or you can be a big loner and be in a hangout all by yourself.

Step 3: Design your slide

You can draw on the blank canvas, but you can also insert stamps. I bought all of the extra stamp packs, I NEED the hedgehog and the hipster icons you know! Look for the rubber stamp icon on the left of Scoot & Doodle to insert pictures.

Notice on the upper right is an option to “upload.” This allows you to upload your screenshots, photos and drawings into Scoot & Doodle to annotate.

Step 4: Click on Save

Also in the upper right is the save icon. Click on this to save the background.

Step 5: Click on Portfolio Tab



Step 6: Hover Over Drawing

Hover over the drawing and notice 3 options appear.

Step 7: Choose Share

Step 8: Right Click and Download Image

Using Google Chrome when you right click on an image on the internet you can choose the option “Save Image As…” Save the image to your desktop or other desired location.
right click

Step 9: Start a Google Presentation

Step 10: Click on Background

When you are on a slide notice the options for “Background” “Layout” “Theme” “Transition” are visible. (If you are not editing the slide.) Choose the background option.

Step 11: Upload the Image

Browse for the image you downloaded, it will now become the background of your slide. Repeat the process to have different slide backgrounds.

Edit the Slide Master

You may want to create a custom presentation template. CLICK HERE for my blog post on 10 Easy Steps to Creating a Google Presentation Master.

For fun I created a Woodland Creature themed Google Presentation. Make a copy here:
Woodland Creatures Scoot & Doodle


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